Shelby + Dan: Engaged

Our very own Shelby & Dan are engaged!! Dan proposed on Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be his birthday… what a romantic! When they decided they wanted the backdrop of their engagement photos to be up north at our family cottage, we couldn’t think of a more fitting spot. The cottage has been a special place for our family that holds so many amazing memories. Dan has proved himself to be the fishing derby buzz-bait champion while Shelby continues to stake her claim as the tubing queen.

Of course Shelby and Dan’s favourite part of our session was when we included their sweet Australian Shephard, Dexter. Shelby and Dan recently rescued Dexter from the HS a couple months before they moved into their new home together. He has been the absolute best addition to their family with his hilarious personality and constant affection. There are so many new and exciting things happening in their lives as they begin this new chapter together. We couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments and can’t wait to to have some fun with the wedding planning! We love all 3 of you!!

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Blooper!! (and there were many…)engagement_shelby&dan_7438_b engagement_shelby&dan_7449_b engagement_shelby&dan_7457_b engagement_shelby&dan_7466_b engagement_shelby&dan_7471_b engagement_shelby&dan_7489(b&w)_b engagement_shelby&dan_7544_b engagement_shelby&dan_7625_bengagement_shelby&dan_7742_b engagement_shelby&dan_7640_b engagement_shelby&dan_7711_b engagement_shelby&dan_7793_b

& now meet our sweet Dexter!!

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