Mikylah & Kyle

This was a very special session as these two beautiful people also happen to be some of my best friends. You could never tell from the photos, but the weather we had to endure to get these shots was quite interesting. It went from bright and sunny to rain to snow flurries all while trying to keep warm in the freezing temperatures! Nevertheless, we had such a fun time at this session creating a vision that represented this couple and their love for one another. We of course have to thank our handy dandy Al Wiley for creating our boho inspired tent just an hour before the session. You never know when one of these creative ideas will just pop into your head! We couldn’t be more thrilled with how the photos turned out. The love that Mikylah and Kyle have for one another just shines through each photo and we were able to capture the romantic, fun loving relationship that they share. We wish them the best of luck as they begin this new chapter of their lives together in their new home with their new kittens. I look forward to seeing these canvased all over their living room 🙂

Hair by: Kathleen Winstanley (Carbon Salon)

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