Mauryah + Chris: Engaged

Seven strings of 62 ft of lights, four hours of snow blowing and set-up, and 3 months of anticipation lead up to this well-awaited moment.

Chris and Mauryah were on their way up to the cottage. The scene was set, and all we had to do was wait in hopes that our plan would go off without a hitch. The trick was to keep Mauryah from seeing the surprise outside as she arrived. We kept the lights to the cottage off and only blackness surrounded the lake. Big, beautiful snowflakes began to fall, dusting over our sneaky footsteps. Once the whole family was gathered inside, we announced we had a surprise to show the girls out on the deck. As everyone piled out of the cottage, we plugged in the christmas lights that wrapped around the deck and lit up our very first cottage Christmas tree. The whole family was in awe! Chris took Mauryah by the hand and led her down the path to go stand on the dock and look at the stars… or so he said. As they got closer to the water, we hit the switch and a beautifully lit archway illuminated a path leading to the cabana at the end of our dock. We could hear Mauryah gasp she took in the magical sight before her. They shared their special moment and we spent the rest of the evening celebrating the excitement of a new chapter in their love story.