Laurissa + Patrick: Engaged

Last September, when Pat decided he wanted to propose, he knew he wanted to surprise Laurissa with her dream engagement. So how does he make that happen? He rallies in her best friends of course! Since her friends know Laurissa very well, they knew she would want the whole event photographed and so Mj Photography tagged along, with our truckload of props! While Laurissa and Pat were dining out of town, we got to work. Through the extreme winds and torrential downpours, we managed to set up the most spectacular backdrop full of twinkle lights, lace curtains, (what felt like) hundreds of candles and mason jars, and baby’s breath. In a matter of hours, we had transformed there entire backyard into an unrecognizable romantic getaway. Laurissa was over the moon thrilled!

So we were of course honoured when Laurissa also wanted us to be there to capture their wedding day. We were even more pleased that the weather decided to co-operate for their official engagement session! It has been such a pleasure to be apart of all of their milestones together and we look forward to next August, where they will finally say “I do”.

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